The vessel had to stop at Miletus and Paul sent wo…

The vessel had to stop at Miletus and Paul sent word to the Ephesian elders, urging them to come and see him. He spent the day in their company, and before parting delivered this pathetic and helpful address. There are many incidental touches revealing the nature of his work in the great city, of which there is little or no mention elsewhere in the Acts. For instance, we were not aware of his tears and trials through the opposition of the Jews, Acts 20:19, nor of the labors of his toil-worn hands, Acts 20:34. We hardly realized that his ministry was not simply the public proclamation of the gospel, but a visitation from house to house as well, Acts 20:20. The Greek word in Acts 20:20; Acts 20:27 for kept backand shunned is a nautical word which literally means reefed up. It was so natural for Paul to use a nautical word which he must have been hearing every day. But, notice how this heroic soul alludes to the lightness with which he held comfort and life, if only he might serve his Master perfectly, and fulfill in full measure his opportunities. How Paul loved that great word grace!It was his perpetual theme, and as we come to know ourselves better, and consider how little we have deserved of God, we also shall have but one theme. We are debtors to the sovereign grace of God, and have nothing to pay. ~F. B. Meyer

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